How to Pitch an Entertainment Venue Billboard Advertising

Entertainment Venue OOH Billboards

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Billboard advertising remains an incredibly effective and impactful way to promote an entertainment venue. Capturing the attention of passing motorists and pedestrians alike, a strategically placed billboard can drive traffic and create buzz around the venue. However, crafting a successful pitch for billboard advertising requires careful planning and execution. Here are some tips on how to pitch an entertainment venue a billboard advertising campaign.

Many types of businesses fall under the “Entertainment Venue” umbrella. A few of them include concert halls, sports arenas/stadiums, comedy clubs, outdoor music venues, and convention centers. Regardless of the type of venue, the method of pitching them billboard advertising (OOH) is relatively the same.

• What are their upcoming events? Walking in with ads already made for a few of their upcoming events will show the potential venue advertiser that you are familiar with them and have done your research. They will want to see what they can advertise.

Note: Consider the option of doing dynamic countdowns to the dates of specific events.

• Billboards are easy! Pitch flexibility and ease of use. How will they get their concerts or events up on the billboard? If all they have to do is email you a flyer of an event and you post it on their billboard, it doesn’t get any easier than that!

Note: If you’re pitching only static boards, you may consider strictly branding messages and not event-related ads. For digital boards, you can run every event on their calendar if you want, which is a big selling point.

• Identify the best locations for the venue. The demographics of people that visit concert venues are generally younger adults and people with disposable income. Do you have any boards that reach this audience? Billboards placed in areas where young adults and millennials frequent, such as university campuses, popular hangout spots, or shopping districts, can be highly effective.

• You’re not just promoting the venue. A major selling point will be the ability for the venue to feature its performers on billboards to promote them, not just the venue. This can help the venue bring in more artists/performers.

• What else can they advertise? Besides posting their upcoming concerts or events, the venue can utilize their billboard campaign to promote other things like merchandise. While doing your research, take note of the different things the venue can promote on your billboards.

• Seasonal entertainment venues. For outdoor venues like outdoor concert arenas, pitching them billboard advertising during the winter months may not be a great idea, as their peak season is during the warmer summer months. That doesn’t mean you can’t pre-sign them for the upcoming spring/summer season though.

Pitching an entertainment venue billboard advertising campaign requires a combination of creativity, data-driven insights, and an understanding of your audience. By presenting a visually captivating and compelling message, backed by solid data and a clear plan, you can make a strong case for the impact and value of billboard advertising for your entertainment venue.

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