How to know which DOOH venue type is best for your campaign

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Every brand-marketer is focused on maximizing their ad campaign impact–  it’s a no brainer. You put so much thought into the budget, message, imagery, and call-to-action that you often skip targeting specific advertising venues. Choosing the right venue type or location for your DOOH campaign can yield better results for your brand. 

There are several ways to select venues that will better suit your brand’s targeting needs. One way is by advertising in locations where your target audience is sure to be present. Tools like Audience IQ allow advertisers to specifically target audience segments by demographics, personal interests, or purchase behavior. DOOH ads are then shown on displays that over index for that specific target audience. Another method is geo targeting specific areas and all of the screens that fall into that geofence. And lastly, targeting venues that will reach a wide audience with longer dwell times and higher engagement rates.

Check out all of these scenarios:

The Audience Focused Option:

Let’s say you sell a natural fitness product targeted to a younger health-minded generation. Your audience is 20-35 years old, health conscious, and environmentally friendly. You can use Audience IQ to set your audience parameters and the ad serving algorithm will select the best locations to engage consumers with your product.

The Geo-Targeting Option:

An auto dealer may want to draw in new customers and target the competition by creating a custom geofence around specific points of interest. In this case, any DOOH screens that are within a 5-mile radius of the dealership or competitive dealers will display an ad, capturing audience attention in purchasing moments and successfully increasing visits to their dealership. With geo-targeting, brands are enabled to reach audiences at pivotal moments. 

McDonald’s used Geo-Fencing to target drivers using the Waze app, which gave them instant directions to the nearest restaurant.

Optimal Venue Option: 

This is a great scenario for brands that want to engage audiences at the right place and the right time. A fashion company or a CPG brand would target shopping mall screens to capture audiences while they are in a shopper mindset and hungry for a snack. A QSR brand could target grocery stores or bars to promote a quick and easy meal. There is an abundance of opportunity to captivate audiences on specific, high engagement venue types.

Nutella advertising their product to hungry shoppers inside a shopping mall.

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