How To Keep Your Billboards Full

Keep billboards full

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Billboard companies sometimes have issues keeping their billboards full. It’s part of it. Feast or famine some might say. We’ve looked at companies that have an above average occupancy and client renewal rates so we can share some tips with you.

Tips for better billboard occupancy and renewal rates:

  • Keep your clients happy! Listen to the client’s wants and needs. Billboard advertising is a big investment. Listening to the client and knowing their expectations will help you in the long run. Babysit them if you have to. It’s cheaper to keep an existing client than to find a new one. Read “The Client is Always Right, Even When They’re Wrong”
  •  Create spec art for ALL potential customers. Some may think that spec art is a waste of time, I assure you it’s not! We have seen how well it has worked with our company. If  you walk into a business holding a contract, but no spec art showing what the billboard ad could look like, then you are not taking advantage of all of your tools. People love to have an example of what their board could look like. They may not choose one of your ads as a final, but that is okay because now they have something to visualize and get them thinking.
  • Know how often your clients update their ads. The more ads a digital client runs, the more likely they are to renew. If a digital client goes 30 days without new artwork… send them an email, give them some ideas.
  • Give them a little extra. There are a few things you can do that are fairly easy and cost effective. Most of our advertisers like to share their billboard ads on their social media pages. So we gladly share the art files with them. Give every new customer a mini billboard. It’s a reminder of you they will see daily. Give your longest running, highest paying clients a Christmas gift. Everyone loves chocolate chip pumpkin bread!
  • Be a source of info for the community. On your available spots… Share PSA ads, local sports “congrats” or “Good Luck” messages, job postings, community events, severe weather alerts, etc… It also helps you to stay on the good side of the city and local authorities.
  • Use Billboard Alerts. A cool way to target businesses that are in immediate range of your billboards. View their site here.
  • Use Tasty Ad Software. Tasty Ad software was designed as a sales and design tool for OOH companies. It’s a sales tool because salesman can use it to create their own spec art, or sample ads, for potential customers. They don’t have to wait for a designer. If a salesman has sample artwork created for a client they can show them, they are much more likely to get the sale.
  • Use Billboard4Me. Billboard4Me.com is a service that sells your available digital billboard spots to the general public for displaying birthday, anniversaries, congrats messages, and more.


These are just a few simple tips that we hope you take advantage of. If you would like more info about Tasty Ad, contact us for a live demo. Just let us know what day and time is good for you!


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