How DOOH reaches consumers through their daily journey

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No matter who your target audience is, chances are they are easily reachable with out of home advertising. The beauty of OOH is that it is omnipresent throughout a consumer’s daily journey. Reaching them not only on roadside billboards but while they are getting gas, waiting in line at the grocery store, walking through a mall, or at the bus stop. Whatever products or services you are selling, reaching consumers with OOH is a vital part of any advertising plan’s success.

Let’s look at some typical consumers and how out of home reaches them throughout their daily journey.

John Fletcher: a middle-aged man, living in a large metropolitan city who works from home. John’s day starts early, he wakes up at 5 am for his daily run. He throws on some sweats and his running shoes and he’s out the door. Not long into John’s run, he passes by several bus shelters with ads on them. After his run, John stops by a local coffee shop for his favorite latte. Screens inside the coffee shop advertise products and services to him. John heads back home to start his workday. John orders some lunch via an Uber pickup. As the Uber arrives John notices the ads displayed on top of the Uber driver’s car. After the workday, John heads to the supermarket for groceries. As he is checking out, he sees ads displayed on screens at the point of sale. Even though John works from home, he sees out of home advertising 3-5 times per day.

Makalah Johnson: A young mother of 3, living in a suburb of a mid-sized city who works as a nurse at a doctor’s office. Makalah’s day starts off by getting her kids ready for school. She drops them off at school passing by several digital billboards. After dropping off the kids, she heads to work, passing by several Uber OOH vehicles displaying ads on the car tops. On her way out for lunch, she notices ads on the screens inside the doctor’s office waiting room. Picking up her lunch, she sees an ad on the TV inside the local restaurant. After a long day at work, Makalah heads back home, passing several more digital billboards.

Phillip Smith: A college student, living in a dorm, who works a part-time job at a local restaurant as a server. The start to Phillip’s day is coffee and ordering an Uber to take him to his first-class across campus. On the way out, he sees an ad on the vending machines placed throughout the dorm. The Uber vehicle picking him up displays ads on the car topper as well as inside the vehicle. After several classes, Phillip runs into the convenience store, where he sees an ad on top of the ATM machine. Phillip takes the bus to the local grocery store. He sees an ad on the bus shelter while waiting for the bus and another ad on the bus interior screen. At the grocery store, Phillip notices several other digital screens displaying ads. Later that night, Phillip and his friends check out a movie at the local cinema. Inside the cinema lobby are digital displays playing ads. Throughout his day, Phillip encounters OOH ads upwards of a dozen times.

Digital out of home is all around us. No matter who you are or what your day looks like, chances are you are seeing DOOH multiple times throughout your day. This is why it is a must-have component of any omnichannel strategy.

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