Future First Studio Wins 2020 OUTFRAME Billboard Competition

OUTFRONT Media winner

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Future First Studio, the creative studio within Direct Agents, is proud to announce that they have won first place in the 2020 OUTFRAME Competition. The OUTFRAME competition presented by Outfront Media celebrates the artists of adland through the theme “Out of Love.” Professionals around the country entered the billboard art competition driven by the idea that “what unites us is stronger than what divides us.”

OUTFRONT Media outframe-winner

Future First Studio is led by Direct Agents’ Creative Director and Co-founder, Dinesh Boaz. Boaz combined aerial photography from a helicopter over NYC, with graphic design by Senior Art Director, Dan Moran and a poetic statement by Brand Specialist, Valentina Elegante, to create a piece that reflects the year we are living through and the importance of being ‘selfless’ in what we do.  The artists explained that “Selfless Love is an action – a choice to put someone or something before your own needs. Our work shows just that – individuals coming together and protesting, for what they believe in.”

Future First Studio’s winning submission is being featured in Times Square, NYC, and on digital billboards across the country. Future First Studio is excited about the opportunity to showcase the submission.

About Direct Agents and Future First Studio:

Direct Agents is a full-service, independently-owned digital marketing agency based out of NYC. With over 17 years of digital marketing experience, Direct Agents is focused on marketing innovation through advanced technology and a data-driven approach. As the in-house creative studio within Direct Agents, Future First Studio brings together creative and media to deliver dynamic content. Future First Studio is powered by the connection between personal human connections and data-focused technology.

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