Foxtel DOOH campaign secured 2m plus impressions in just one hour


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A recent digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign for Foxtel promoting Wentworth which took over 86% of all billboard and inventory available programmatically in Australia, resulted in over 2 million impressions (2,074,136) nationally according to Hivestack.

The takeover via Foxtel’s media agency Mindshare occurred on 26 October from 5pm to 6pm and resulted in 184,381 adverts.

The campaign was shown on large format and retail screens available via the Hivestack Supply Side Platform (SSP) across seven media owners including QMS Media, Shopper and Val Morgan Outdoor.

While the campaign hit a total of 3,901 screens, billboard advertisements secured 438,500 impressions (21.14% of total impressions), street furniture secured 31,246 impressions (1.51%), and Mall screens secured 1,604,391 impressions (77.35%).

Hivestack AU sales director Erin Koedam commented: “Flexible buying options, scale, operational efficiency and precision targeting are unbeatable features of the technology, revolutionising the way DOOH is traded. We look forward to running more innovative campaigns that drive performance in this channel and deliver new revenue for media owners as we approach the holiday season and into the year ahead.”

Mindshare group investment director Guillaume David added: “Programmatic DOOH is redefining the planning capabilities of DOOH. It’s great to be working with clients like Foxtel, a brand willing to take risks and explore new ways of implementing their offline activity to make an impact. A takeover like this hadn’t been before in Australia and took a great deal of collaboration with Hivestack to co-ordinate the buy across all the vendors. What we achieved together was a real testament to the client’s vision and the strength of our partnership.”


Abbey McGhee, Head of Entertainment Marketing, Foxtel

Hannah Doolan, Marketing Manager, Foxtel

Rhys Gower, Head of Media, Foxtel

Lee Dobbins, Client Leader, Mindshare

Guillaume David, Group Investment Director, Mindshare

Paige Wheaton, National Head of Investment, Mindshare

Erin Koedam, AU Sales Director, Hivestack

Matt Bushby, Managing Director ANZ & SEA, Hivestack


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