Formetco Partners With SignBird To Offer Its Customers A State-Of-The-Art Marketing Resource


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DULUTH, Ga., Jan. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Formetco, an innovative out of home advertising manufacturer for half a century is transforming the industry once again by partnering with SignBird to provide brand new state-of-the-art marketing resources to every billboard customer.

SignBird produces breathtaking and eye-catching drone photography and videography, approach footage, and ride sheets to help billboard operators showcase their inventory to prospective ad buyers. Its production team travels to the operator’s market to capture the strengths of their billboard location, producing a wide variety of photos and videos from the perspective of a vehicle and aerial drone. The proprietary creative materials are then used as a sales tool to effectively attract the interest of prospective advertisers and increase the bottom line for operators.

“We can manufacture the highest quality LED billboard with all the bells and whistles, but if the operator can’t make money selling ad space, it doesn’t matter,” says Daniel Hooper, Formetco Marketing Director. As part of the company’s mission to provide the highest level of customer service, Formetco had been tinkering with the idea of shooting their own videos of newly installed boards on behalf of clients. “When we saw the outstanding work SignBird was doing for their own billboard customers, I knew we should be offering their services,” Hooper adds.

Effective immediately, every billboard purchase from Formetco will come with a SignBird Marketing Package to help the operator market their investment in dynamic and dramatic fashion. “We’re not just installing digital billboards and walking away,” says Britt McConnell, Formetco’s Director of Digital Sales. “We’re in constant pursuit of resources to help Formetco sign operators standout above and beyond their competition. Our exclusive partnership with Signbird is a prime example of our commitment to helping operators maximize the potential of their inventory.”

SignBird was founded by John James, a former billboard company account executive who saw the need to take the burden of marketing off the shoulders of billboard operators. Today, James’ Tuscaloosa based SignBird boasts a long list of satisfied and successful customers. “Joining Formetco is a natural fit for us,” says James. “We serve the same industry and have the same goals, just in a different way.” says James.

Visit Formetco Digital to learn more about Formetco’s billboard products and our new partnership with SignBird.

About Formetco, Inc.
Since 1968, Formetco has researched, designed and developed thousands of innovative out-of-home products including cutting-edge digital displays, billboard hardware and safety equipment. Headquartered in Atlanta and owned by the same family since its founding, Formetco is proud to be the only supplier and manufacturer to have served the outdoor advertising industry for over 50 years.

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