Fenton Consulting Launches National Roadside Billboard Campaign Urging Motorists to Stay at Home

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The new public service campaign is the brainchild of David Fenton, founder and creative director of Fenton Consulting (FentonConsulting.net). “Forget toilet paper. You’re not socializing anyway. Just be safe and get home!” says Fenton.


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“Now that most states are issuing ‘stay-at-home orders,’ we’re reaching out to those in transit by reinforcing the importance of caution and empowering people to understand that every effort matters in the war on the spread,” adds Fenton. Krys Ynieto, brand and strategy consultant expressed, “It is unfortunate that just as we were rolling out our startup, the pandemic hit, forcing the world into crisis. And not only was I concerned about my health and those most vulnerable, I was also thinking, there goes my job. But David saw an opportunity to join the national conversation.”

Prior to building a career in advertising, Fenton was a stand-up comic who collaborated with fellow NY comedians to found and operate Jest magazine, “humor for the irreverent” based in New York. Given what has transpired with SpainItaly and now New York, it seems to many that unless other cities are hyper-vigilant, inhabitants may be looking at a similar future. The campaign’s messages ranges from: “Forget about toilet paper. Use your hands.” to “We must beat the spread” to “Hey you, behind the wheel”…COVID-19 does not discriminate. Be safe. Get home!” “If we are not afforded leadership out of Washington, we must keep calm and provide one another with hope in this time of crisis,” says Fenton. “I realized that we could leverage the power of billboards to add a little levity to the fear factor of this new normal. I mean, people are in their cars. They’re going to see these, no matter what. So, why not bring some humor and hope?” Fenton Consulting is running messages nationally beginning with San FranciscoChicago and Boston. As a resident of the SF Bay area, Fenton adds, “This is a defining moment, and it’s crucial that we remain responsible and safe – not just as Californians, not just as Americans, but as human beings navigating a global pandemic. We must beat the spread!”

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