Easy NFT Business Platform, SKY Play on New York Nasdaq Tower

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SEOUL, South KoreaMay 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On May 19th, 2022SKY Technology Co., LTD announced the placement of a billboard advertisement in Times Square, New York, to commemorate its first step as an official blockchain platform—through its cryptocurrency listing of SKY Play Token(SKP) on MEXC Global, one of the world’s leading digital-asset trading platforms.

The Nasdaq Display, which featured the SKY Play advertisement, is a seven-story billboard located in Times Square’s most prominent landmark. It is known as the best advertising placement for brand exposure, with powerful and evocative DOOH displays.

Following its cryptocurrency listing on MEXC Global, SKY Technology will release a variety of new lifestyle content via SKY Play—an easy NFT business platform—and will accelerate its listings on other global cryptocurrency exchanges. Under the leadership of the Singapore corporation, starting with eP2E(easy play-to-earn) games—the company will collaborate with industry-leading partners to expand its content services in various fields, such as movies, music, sports, and art.

SKP, the key currency in the SKY Play platform, uses the Polygon(MATIC) network, which offers low transaction fees, speed, and scalability as one of the top Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain.

Sang-ok Chang, the CEO of SKY Technology said, “We will deliver the value of a healthy asset in a new format by bringing a variety of content, including eP2E games like Coin Grid to be published for global services soon. SKY Play will connect a diverse collection of service providers and users from all over the world as an easy NFT business platform.”

SKY Play

Starting with easy P2E games, SKY Play will offer a rich variety of lifestyle content including games, sports, education, and art—all of which will be provided through an easy NFT business platform optimized for mobile UI/UX. SKY Play will offer a bigger and better space than a simple portal, encouraging users and service providers to grow and thrive within an easy-to-use, reliable, and trustworthy ecosystem.

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