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Watchfire Signs

Are you in the market for a shiny new digital billboard? Great! It’s a big investment so you want to have all the info you can about them. You’re going to be relying on it to look great so the advertisers come flocking in. You also want it to be reliable so you’re not constantly having to do maintenance on it. We are going to share firsthand experience dealing with Watchfire for almost a decade since when we bought our first digital with them at Roland Digital Media.

We’ve purchased 35 digital billboards and a handful on on-premise digital signs from Watchfire. Our first, nearly ten years ago when digital billboards where starting to take off. At that time the owner, Dave Roland, didn’t know how he could ever make money off of them and if anyone would want to advertise on them. Luckily, they were easy to sell and businesses loved advertising on them because of their unique capabilities compared to traditional billboards.

Customer Service:

We love a company that takes care of its customers. And Watchfire does just that. They go above and beyond when it comes to service. Whenever we call them with a service question, we get a human on the phone every time. And they stay on the line until our issue is resolved. If there’s a part we don’t have a backup for, it’s overnighted to us.

Quality of the Product:

If you get a great deal on a digital sign and it breaks down every week, you’ll end up spending more in the long run. When it comes to digital billboards… QUALITY SAVES TIME AND MONEY. Our very first digital billboard we bought from Watchfire 10 years ago is still live and running today. Granted some of its parts have been replaced over the years, but it’s still generating revenue for us. If that doesn’t say something about quality then I don’t know what does.

When I first toured their facility in Danville, IL almost 7 years ago they had a digital panel in a fish tank, completely submerged in water, playing ads. It’s a good feeling to install a digital billboard and know for a fact it will run smoothly for a long time. And that’s been our experience since day one. That’s why every digital billboard we’ve ever bought has come from Watchfire Signs.

If you’d like to discuss our experience with Watchfire Signs further call 931-881-5979.

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