City Rallies Around “The Voice” Winner with Billboards

Jake Hoot Voice Billboard 3

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If this story doesn’t make you love billboards, nothing will! This past week, Jake Hoot of Cookeville, TN, won the widely popular singing competition show on NBC “The Voice”. The weeks leading up to his win were full of “Hoot” pride in the city, with locals hosting huge watching parties at the college arena and local churches. When local business owners got news of his competition, billboards started going up all over town.

After each weekly singing competition, the billboards were often changed to encourage citizens to “Vote for Hoot”. The billboards were a great way for local businesses to show their support for a fellow local, but also helped bring the community together and keep the event in “top of mind”.

Below are just a few of the billboard ads showing support for Jake Hoot

Jake Hoot Voice Billboard Jake Hoot Voice Billboard 5 Jake Hoot Voice Billboard 4 Jake Hoot Voice Billboard 2Jake Hoot Voice Billboard 3

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