Celebrities and Billboards

Celebrities and Billboards

Taylor Swift’s 1989 album tour used dozens of semi-trucks as mobile advertising to promote her US tour.

Taylor Swift Billboard

Campaign & Image Credit: In Motion Media Group


Kylie Jenner’s product line KYLIE SKIN used digital out of home to promote their new product line. Specifically, programmatic out of home, via Adomni, using thousands of roadside billboards and hundreds of shopping mall advertising screens.


Campaign & Image Credit: Adomni


Paul Rudd’s infamous billboards in the movie “I Love You Man”. If you haven’t seen all of the billboard ads, have a look. Funny stuff. Although some are a bit “risque” in a comedic sense.

Paul Rudd Billboard

Production Companies: DreamWorks Pictures, De Line Pictures, Bernard Gayle Productions, The Montecito Picture Company. Distributed by Paramount Pictures


Jennifer Aniston is among the many celebrity personalities helping to advertise SmartWater. Her campaign ran from the early 2000s thru the 20teens.

Jennifer Aniston Billboard

Image Credit: Daily Billboard


The Beetles on a billboard in 1969. Check out some of Robert Landau’s awesome photos of bands on billboards on his website here.

The Beatles Billboard

Image Credit: Robert Landau


Gabby Reece among other artists and politicians joining the recycling ad campaign for Recycle Across America.

Gabby Reece Billboard

Campaign & Image Credit: Lamar Advertising


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