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March 2, 2023—Carvertise, the nation’s leading rideshare advertising company,  announced 55% year-over-year sales growth in 2022, far outpacing the fast-growing  Out-of-Home category. What’s driving the 10-year-old company’s impressive  trajectory? One word: SWARMS.

Early on in 2022, Carvertiser’s advertisers embraced the company’s new “SWARM  Events” feature, where fleets of branded vehicles are deployed where there are very  large gatherings of people, including sporting events, concerts and festivals.  “Beginning with the Super Bowl last February, Carvertise has been SWARMING events  throughout the country, from the Indy 500 to large medical conventions to baseball’s  World Series, on behalf of more than 100 clients across numerous verticals,” said Greg  Star, who co-founded Carvertise with CEO Mac McLeod a decade ago while they were  students at the University of Delaware. “With SWARM Events, you’re able to essentially  drive fleets of moving billboards right into the center of the action.

A few examples of successful Carvertise SWARMS in 2022:

Moderna SWARMED IDWeek in Washington, D.C. with a fleet of Uber vehicles wrapped in the company’s branding throughout the course of the five-day show

* The U.S. Virgin Island Department of Tourism SWARMED the Philadelphia Phillies’  Citizens Bank Park stadium in the hours leading up to the Phillies’ home games  during the World Series, reminding fans that a jaunt to paradise is a short plane ride  away.

Albertsons, the grocery store chain, SWARMED every Dallas Cowboys home game at AT&T Stadium with a fleet of colorfully-branded vehicles.

To help boost SWARM successes in 2022, and increase the impact of its traditional  rideshare campaigns, Carvertise forged a strategic partnership with Placer.ai, the  nation’s most advanced foot traffic analytics platform, that helped increase the ROI of  its clients’ campaigns through advanced intel and analytics.

Through the partnership, Carvertise used the Placer.ai platform to identify and  recommend where its clients should launch targeted driving campaigns and SWARM  Events based on the client’s target demographics. “Traditionally, the Out-of-Home  industry has provided very little analytical data, but Carvertise has long been on a  mission to change that,” Star says. “Through the partnership with Placer.ai, we’re able  to provide customers with more highly-specific data about the number and types of  people who have seen their campaign. That’s been another big impetus for our  success in 2022.”

To keep up with accelerating customer demand, Carvertise made a number of  additional strategic moves in 2022, increasing its workforce from 24 to 40 and  recruiting new executives from startups including Grubhub/GoPuff and Dogfish and  Fortune 500 companies. In addition, the rapidly-expanding company recently moved  into a new 16,000 square-foot headquarters in the Shipyard Center in Wilmington, Delaware.

In 2023, Carvertise is on pace to hit $20 million in revenue, according to Star. Some of  that growth will be due to the continued popularity of SWARM Events: Expect to see  Carvertise’s advertising partners at major events like the Super Bowl LVII, SXSW, and  Taylor Swift concerts throughout the country.

“With our memorable platform, our new SWARM Events, and our laser focus on  helping clients improve the ROI of their marketing efforts, Carvertise is continuing to  transform the face of OOH advertising,” Star says.

To learn more about how Carvertise is shaking up the OOH industry — and access  specific case studies featuring successful rideshare campaigns across numerous  verticals, contact:

Carvertise Co-Founder Greg Star,  

About Carvertise: Carvertise is America’s largest rideshare advertising company on a mission to revolutionize the way brands communicate with consumers outdoors. Leveraging a  network of 550,000 registered drivers, Carvertise is running wrapped-car ad campaigns  around the country for clients including Netflix, 7-Eleven, EA Sports, NASCAR, and  GlaxoSmithKline. Geo-targeted, highly memorable, with a heavy emphasis on analytics,  Carvertise is proudly spearheading the future of transit advertising.

Source: Carvertise

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