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Capitol Outdoor (Capitol) and Smart City Media (SCM) today announced a purpose driven partnership to immediately and proactively broadcast timely, relevant messages about the COVID-19 crisis through their shared out of home networks, at no cost to local and national public health agencies.

As cities and transit agencies navigate the next phase of the coronavirus pandemic, the Capitol and SCM partnership will utilize SCM’s Citypost platform to help public health officials conduct outreach about testing sites and deliver other vital, real time information related to the pandemic. Citypost utilizes open data, including mobile applications, IoT sensors (Internet of Things), and social media, to drive smarter and more helpful engagement.

Beginning in Baltimore and the District of Columbia, Capitol will deploy its large format digital billboards to display hyperlocal locations where coronavirus test kits are available. Data from Citypost will guide the location of the advertisements. Similarly, SCM used Citypost to begin broadcasting CDC and local community alerts last weekend through its network in DallasKansas CityJersey City and Greensboro.

“We want to use out of home media in the most powerful and positive way possible, and this partnership does that,” said Capitol President Chris Tavlarides. “We want people to remember this time as a moment when we all came together, and we want our communities to emerge stronger because of how we communicated and how we cared for each other.”

“Outdoor media should be purpose-driven and impactful. We are lucky to have a partner in Capitol Outdoor that shares that vision, while understanding that digital media can help solve the communication challenges that come along with the coronavirus crisis,” said SCM’s Tom Touchet. “Our immediate placement priorities will follow public health specialists who say we need a huge expansion of testing and intensive preparations so that hospitals can function effectively as infections soar.”

The Citypost platform solves three of the most important issues in any public health crisis: how to inform the public about critical aspects of the crisis; how to facilitate testing and diagnosis; and how to get care to those who need it (both face-to-face and virtual).

“Services like Citypost are invaluable to controlling the crisis and preventing the spread of the disease. Effective communication saves lives, eases hospital system stress, and helps stop the outbreak from getting worse,” said Pete Celano, Director of Consumer Health Initiatives for Medstar Hospitals.

Both Capitol and SCM also committed to highlighting and addressing additional community needs, including food programs, local resources targeted to the elderly, and health services for the underserved.

SCM and Capitol also announced that, on an ongoing basis, SCM will power content generation for Capitol through its Citypost platform. Capitol Outdoor will drive brand engagement and national ad sales for SCM.

Visit https://www.capitoloutdoor.com/ and https://www.smartcitymedia.us/ to learn more.

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