Billboards, Social Media & Virality (Epstein didn’t kill himself)


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Last week a billboard message went up in Tennessee with the viral statement “Epstein didn’t kill himself”. The message was bought through Billboard4Me.com (a programmatic platform that allows the general public to post messages). It was displayed on a billboard in Cookeville, TN for only one day. The statement has been a source of social media banter since the announcement of Epstein’s death, so posting the message on a billboard seemed to be a way to take the statement outside of social media and onto the streets.

Photos of the billboard message started circulating on facebook immediately and became viral overnight. One person’s post of the message got 2,ooo+ shares and hundreds of comments/engagements.

While the message “Epstein didn’t kill himself” is political, many of the social media memes about it lean towards a comical approach where people are hiding it at the end of cooking recipes, on random products or objects and other places you would least expect a statement like this to be.

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What we want to convey in the post is simply this: Billboards and social media have a strange way of working well together. One can enhance the other’s popularity or virality, not only with a random statement but also with an ad campaign.

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