Billboards poke fun at Michigan’s coronavirus restrictions

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An Indiana business owner has something to say about Michigan’s coronavirus-related restrictions, and he’s making sure his point of view is big enough for everyone else to see.

The two digital billboards along I-69 in Angola greet drivers heading in and out of Michigan, and they’re not going unnoticed.

“There’s a message both on the northbound side and southbound side,” said Steve Swick,the president and owner of Swick Broadcasting Company.

The sign for northbound traffic heading toward Michigan reads, “Now Entering Michigan: Really? You’re sure about this?”

The southbound sign says, “The Great State of Indiana Welcomes Michiganders To A Free-To-Roam State. We Thank You for the Revenue!”

Swick said he and his business are behind the billboards. He said they didn’t get any payment to post the messages. They put up the signs to get people thinking about Michigan’s stay-at-home order and other coronavirus-related policies.

“This is me and my company. I did it just to do it,” Swick said. “You know, I see being that we’re also in the media business and broadcasting and what have you, and being this close to the proximity to the borders of Michigan, you know, we hear and see all the frustrations of Michiganers that are going through. And you know, it was just a, there was nothing political about it.”

“It’s just to get people thinking and let them know that the great state of Indiana is getting open for business and we welcome them to come down,” he added.

Swick said people are already crossing the state line and the Angola area saw a lot of Michiganders over Memorial Day weekend.

“Restaurants were full, although they were operating at 50% capacity, per what the state order is,” Swick said.

He is not sure how long he will keep the digital signs running but feels they have already achieved their intended purpose.

As for Michigan, the state has continued to slowly reopen. On Tuesday, some retailers who have been closed for the last two months were finally allowed to let customers back inside of their stores.

Source: CNN Newsource

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