Billboard Financing: Swiping Right for the Perfect Match


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Finding the right lending partner can be a lot like dating for your business. Just like finding your soulmate, getting the right financial help takes some time and effort.

Beyond the Screen
Think of your financing options like the dating game. You’ve got the online or long-distance approach – it’s convenient, quick, but lacks that personal touch. In the lending world, that’s similar to online or Zoom transactions. On the flip side, there’s the in-person charm – the real deal. It’s like meeting someone face-to-face and feeling that instant connection. In financing terms, it’s about having a lender like Verde Outdoor Capital who gets you and your business on a personal level. Our team goes above and beyond, visiting your plant and driving your market to better understand your inventory. This gives us a comprehensive look at where you’re at and where your business is headed.

Super Likes
You don’t need a matchmaker to connect you to your dream financing partner when you have us on your side. We’re not your average lenders; we’re the ones who understand the value of relationships within the out-of-home industry. Picture us as that friend who sets you up on a blind date, but we actually know what we’re doing when it comes to financing options. We’re not just swiping right; we’re showing up and making an impression. You can count on our team to be where you are, shaking hands and getting chatty at industry conferences hosted by the IBO and OAAA. Why? Because that’s where the magic happens – where we get to know you, your challenges, and chat about how we can make your growth goals come true.

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The Personal Touch
In the dating world, personal details make all the difference, and we believe the same goes for financing. Verde Outdoor Capital isn’t just about the transaction; it’s about understanding your unique needs to grow your business. We’re not your typical suit-and-tie finance folks – we understand the OOH industry, and we’re here to see you succeed.

By meeting face-to-face, we’re not just about numbers and charts; we’re about the story behind your billboard business. We’re ditching the virtual vibes for the real thing, making sure our financing solutions are tailor-made for you. Our team understands the billboard business, so we can make quick evaluations that are mutually beneficial.

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