AdQuick.com Launches Self-Serve Ad Platform for Out-of-Home Advertising

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AdQuick.com, the North American leader in out-of-home advertising software, today announced the launch of AdQuick Self-Service, a new offering that provides individuals, advertisers and their agencies access to hundreds of thousands of pieces of out-of-home media through a familiar map-based, user interface and e-commerce style checkout. By streamlining complicated workflows, AdQuick Self-Service gives users the ability to quickly add out-of-home media to round out their omni-channel campaigns.

“While today’s world feels uncertain, our mission at AdQuick remains the same. We want to make out-of-home advertising easy for everyone,” said Chris Gadek, head of growth at AdQuick. “At a time when our customers are looking for every opportunity to shave time off their media planning cycles or make a statement with OOH advertising, AdQuick Self-Service is here to help, while driving additional revenue to our media owner partners.”

To launch an out-of-home advertising campaign, users simply navigate to their desired market, add the media they want to book to cart, input their payment details, and upload their design assets to the platform. From there, design assets are routed to the AdQuick.com media owner partners for approval. Once approved, users receive notification that their campaign is ready to go live.

“Whether the user is a small business owner targeting the area surrounding their physical location, or an agency targeting multiple cities on behalf of a client, AdQuick’s Self-Service makes buying OOH advertising easy and accessible for all,” said Gadek.

As the advertising industry continues to evolve due to COVID-19, AdQuick.com is prioritizing building solutions and features to accelerate out-of-home advertising’s inevitable digital transformation.

In June, AdQuick.com launched a Programmatic DSP for Digital out-of-home (DOOH) media alongside an industry first real-time attribution dashboard for out-of-home advertising campaigns. AdQuick Self-Service is the next evolution in the company’s expedited product roadmap as many brands and agencies continue to invest in out-of-home media solutions that prioritise price transparency, speed of execution, and campaign measurability.

To learn more about AdQuick.com and AdQuick Self-Service, please visit www.adquick.com/self-service.

About AdQuick, Inc.
AdQuick.com is the easiest way to purchase and measure outdoor advertising and is building the operating system to bring the OOH industry online. It is the first company to allow anyone to complete the full cycle of booking outdoor ads online, and connects advertisers and agencies to OOH media owners anywhere in the U.S. and abroad. Founded in Los Angeles in 2016 by former Instacart executives, AdQuick.com’s mission is to make OOH advertising more transparent, easier and effective through advanced machine learning-driven, high-touch campaign building technology. AdQuick.com was named in the top ten Best Places to Work in 2020 by Los Angeles Business Journal and is currently available in the US, Canada, UK, GermanyAustralia and 12 other countries.

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