8 Billboards to Say I LOVE YOU

I Love You Billboard

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Between the ads for dentures, casinos and cannabis, there is a message of something priceless: love.

“I decided I wanted to tell the world and tell my wife how much I love her in front of everybody,” said Josh Wilson, the owner of Living Water Irrigation.

He initially purchased space on eight billboards around town to advertise his sprinkler installation and repair company. But after a while, he said the signs weren’t really doing the trick.

So when it came time for a refresh, he took off all talk of sales and decided to focus on Amy, his wife of five years.

“She tolerates me and lets me build this little company and lets us have fun,” Wilson said. “It’s the least I could do to tell her I love her.”

On the eight billboards reads the simple message: “Amy, I love you more!” And to make sure the right Amy knew where the message came from, Wilson put his company’s logo in the corner.

“I wasn’t in any trouble,” he stressed. “Every guy who has called me thought for sure I was in the dog house and in trouble, and I just for sure simply wanted to tell my wife that I loved her.”

But the message of love from on high has also raised the bar for men across Green Country. With Wilson’s message front and center, there have been calls from other guys feeling the pressure to go big or go home when it comes to matters of the heart.

“A lot of text messages and a lot of phone calls from friends saying, ‘Thanks a lot, buddy. Now I have to do something,’” Wilson explained. “So, that’s always good. As long as I can make my wife feel good for all that she does for me and my family, it was a joy to do so.”

The signs will later change over to pictures of their dogs.

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