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The out-of-home industry has welcomed Lucit, a new app that connects back-end inventory systems to digital billboards in real time, while also providing advertisers with a beautiful interface to control their campaign from their phone.

Billboard operators in various parts of the country offer the app as a value add to secure more advertisers and ensure renewals. The process begins by connecting to the advertiser’s inventory system which is as simple as Lucit contacting their data feed provider, and having them send an authorization email. Next, they work with a graphic designer to create 1-3 dynamic templates, depending on their campaign. With both of these steps completed, they will be able to access their digital billboard campaign in Lucit’s client-facing app. Adding or removing inventory they want to promote is as easy as pushing a plus or trash icon; the template will be auto-populated with that inventory item’s information and a creative will be generated.

The two primary industries that account executives have focused on are automotive and real estate. Automotive dealerships have been promoting their inventory online for years, they love that the capability is finally being brought to out of home. Real estate brokerages appreciate the agent-level control that they have, which is then broken down so that individual agents can only see and control their own properties and campaigns. With Lucit’s post feature, advertisers are able to choose a photo and a caption to be populated in their post template and sent to the digital billboard in seconds. This has a variety of use cases including promoting real estate open houses, sales, events, holidays or special occasions, happy customers, hiring, campaigns, etc.

Most campaigns have two templates that they use to promote their inventory and for on-the-fly ad posting like with the post feature, however, realtors can have a third template referred to as their business card. This template is dynamic as well; it will be created at campaign start and will populate for each agent with their name, headshot, phone number, etc. via the inventory system.

Other industries that can take advantage of this software are heavy equipment, agriculture equipment, recreational, grocery, lawn and garden, rental properties, furniture, anything with a sophisticated inventory system. The post feature makes Lucit a fit for other industries outside of the inventory integration such as retail (clothing, jewelry, hardware, pawnshops, etc.), gyms or fitness clubs, banks, hospitals or clinics, spas or salons, restaurants or bars, animal shelters, event centers, universities and more.
Visit lucit.cc for more information or contact jamie@lucit.cc to schedule a demo of the app.

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