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While all browsers should work fine with Tasty Ad, Google Chrome works the best. It’s free, fast, safe and the best browser on the internet. Internet Explorer is currently having issues with some features.
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Know your Tasty Ad plan

Tasty Jr.

By default, all accounts start off as the Tasty Jr. plan. Which is a single user plan. If this is the plan you want, great! There is nothing left to do.

2 Scoops

If you are setting up Tasty Ad for multiple users. Make sure the account administrator (usually the business owner or sales manager) has upgraded their default Tasty Jr. plan to the 2 scoops plan. After that, they can click the “Managed Users” button and add up to 20 users.

Know Your Billboard Size

If you’re unsure about what size your faces are check with others in your office to see if they know. If you need help determining what size template to design with based on your board size give us a call or shoot us an email and we’ll help you figure it out.

Digital displays will fit any ad within 5-10% of its ratio. For static, wrap, poster and trivision billboards we can adjust the size when we convert the ads to high res for you if needed.

400×800 Ratio: 4’x8′, 5’x10′, 6’x12′, 8’x16′, 10’x20′, 10.5’x20, 12’x24′

400×840 Ratio: 
10’x21′, 11’x23′, 11.5’x24′, 12’x25′

400×920 Ratio: 10’x23′, 10.5’x24′, 13’x30′

400×1000 Ratio: 10’x25′, 12’x30′, 13’x32′, 14’x35′

400×1200 Ratio: 10’x30′, 10.5’x32′, 11’x33′, 12’x36′, 14’x42′

400×1400 Ratio: 10’x35′, 10.5’x36′ 12’x42′, 14’x48′

Digital Display (TV Screen) 1080×1920 (Horizontal)

Company Logo in Tasty Ad

Don’t forget to upload your company logo

Your company logo is displayed at the bottom of the ad proofs when creating ads. This is so your customers see your logo on the ads you present. It makes them look very professional. You can upload your company on the “Profile” page once you are logged in. If you are one of many users in a group plan, this will need to be done by the master user.

Read THIS POST about working with advertiser’s logos in Tasty Ad

For PC Windows Users:

The color picker tool does not show up on PC Windows computers, only Macs. This is a feature Windows doesn’t allow. However, there is a simple work around.

In your Chrome browser, download Chrome HERE if you aren’t already using it, then install this color picker browser tool:


It puts a color dropper icon in the top right corner of your browser. You click the icon, a drop down menu will appear, click the “Pick color from page” option. Then just click on the color you want to copy and it automatically copies the color code. Then past the copied color code into the color code box in Tasty Ad where you want that color to go.

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Your on your way to creating awesome ads!

Tasty Ad is set up to be super easy to use. Creating great looking ads is effortless. You will find your ads start to look better and better the more you use it. So, be patient and practice as much as you can! Don’t forget to check out our blog with tons of resources to help you choose colors and images.