Vistar Releases Version 6.0 of Demand Side Platform

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Advanced visual planning, granular bid management and enhanced data & inventory marketplace delivers maximum value for agencies & brands

Vistar Media, the leading global provider of software for digital out-of-home (DOOH), today announced version 6.0 of the Vistar Demand-Side Platform (DSP), which combines a highly visual out-of-home (OOH) media buying experience with the tools for data-driven campaign optimization that today’s digital buyers expect.

The Vistar DSP manages the largest single share of programmatic OOH dollars transacted globally and is the trusted platform for programmatic and digital teams at the world’s largest agencies and a long-term complementary partner to OOH groups.

Version 6.0 focuses on three areas: enhancing the visual experience of planning & managing OOH campaigns; deepening the bench of tools available for granular campaign control and detailed optimizations; and providing direct access to the complete DOOH marketplace, including inventory discovery, targeting and measurement capabilities.

The Vistar DSP reflects the visual nature of OOH through an advanced map-based planning experience and data visualizations on key campaign elements. The planning maps provide a fully transparent view of all available inventory, and support interactive inventory selection, and venue exclusions. Post-campaign, delivery insights maps provide a detailed analysis of impression delivery.

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“In today’s programmatic-first media landscape, buyers need a cutting-edge platform to maximize media spend through intelligent allocation and sophisticated trading strategies,” said Ciara Kennedy, SVP of Product at Vistar Media. “The Vistar DSP provides the most granular geotargeting capabilities available in the market, full transparency across venues and media owners, screen-level optimization features and more, empowering buyers to plan, manage and report on campaigns exactly how they want.”

Key capabilities in this DSP release include:

    • Allocation tools to optimize budget distribution in planning;
    • Recommended bid pricing;
    • Improved bid control when planning against multiple PMPs;
    • And campaign metrics view to visualize win/loss metrics and factors influencing delivery.

Campaign Metrics

Vistar has built a data ecosystem for DOOH by forging partnerships with leading experts such as Accretive, Adsquare, Arrivalist, Dynata, Environics Analytics, Epsilon, Foursquare, IBM Watson Advertising, IHS Automotive, IRI, LiveRamp, MFour, MIRA and others. The 6.0 release of the Vistar DSP features an expanded data marketplace for buyers to easily access the full suite of targeting and measurement capabilities, including:

    • In-platform measurement selection, filterable by data provide & study type;
    • Brand lift, foot traffic, CPG sales, automotive sales, tourism measurement and ecommerce KPI lift studies;
    • The ability to cohesively measure moving and non-moving inventory;
    • The full Foursquare audience taxonomy;
    • Automated workflow for Device ID-passback for retargeting;
    • And more.

Vistar is committed to full transparency in the OOH marketplace and to empowering buyers with detailed information about the compelling OOH offerings available. In addition to the data marketplace, the Vistar DSP now includes an Inventory Discovery view, where buyers can browse, search and learn about all media owner networks available via the Vistar exchange. This allows buyers to see the full spectrum of inventory available, and gives media owners an opportunity to directly market their offerings within the Vistar platform.

Inventory Discovery

The Vistar DSP is currently available to buyers in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States and Singapore, with further expansion in EMEA and APAC expected in Q2 2022.

For more information about Vistar, contact info@vistarmedia.com.

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