Vistar Media and Rain-X ClearView Partner for Weather Triggered DOOH Campaign

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Vistar Media, a cutting-edge global provider of programmatic technology for digital out-of-home (DOOH), announced today the completion of an innovative weather trigger-based campaign for Rain-X ClearView*, a licensed brand from Recochem Inc. in Canada, in partnership with digital agency Spinnn, a Labelium Group company. The campaign utilized the Weather Targeting solution from The Weather Company, an IBM Business, which allows targeting of audiences when local weather conditions are most likely to influence consumer behavior by triggering contextually matched creative.

“When conditions are right, weather-based targeting can help increase the effectiveness of a brand’s campaign by placing engaging, contextually relevant ads in front of the right audience,” said Marissa Bernstein, Vice President of Marketing at Vistar Media. “Real time weather information – be it rain, sleet, high pollen count or even conditions increasing the likelihood of migraines – can be powerful motivators and capable of moving individuals to take action to prepare for current or upcoming weather.”

Rain-X ClearView’s “no matter the weather” campaign ran from Q4 2022 through Q1 2023 across 13 major metro markets in Canada, delivering nearly 2.5M total impressions. The weather-driven initiative included creative executions in both English and French and leveraged proximity targeting to surround key retail locations where Rain-X ClearView windshield washer fluids were sold. The brand’s overall strategy centered around four customized creative messages — incorporating rain, snow, sleet and an “any weather” condition that didn’t encompass the first three — promoting its product as a cleaner, safer option that’s perfect for a variety of winter conditions in Canada. The DOOH creatives also pointed consumers to the nearest Walmart and Canadian Tire locations where they could then make a purchase.

As a result of Vistar’s advanced technology, Labelium and Rain-X ClearView were able to seamlessly apply the outlined triggers to the different creative variations, automatically activating each creative asset based on local weather conditions. To maintain a consistent presence throughout the entire shopping journey, DOOH ads ran across a variety of out-of-home venues including sports & entertainment centers, billboards, bus shelters, urban panels, DMVs, convenience stores and malls.

“Forty four percent of the campaign’s ads were delivered during inclement weather, aligning us really well with our inclement weather creative and proving the value of using the weather data,” said Adam Luther, VP of Programmatic at Labelium.

“Our market pulse study found that consumer awareness of our beloved Rain-X ClearView brand was 19% greater than our closest competitor,” said Yannick Denis, Senior Omnichannel Marketing Manager at Recochem Inc. “Our promise is that Rain-X ClearView helps you see clearer and feel safer on the road, no matter the weather. DOOH offered cost-efficient capabilities that allowed us to seamlessly use weather triggers to deliver the right creative messaging, to the right consumers at the right time. We saw that users exposed to DOOH ads were 6x more likely to visit a store than a user that was not exposed to them, and over 1 in 3 consumers were very or somewhat likely to purchase Rain-X ClearView windshield wash over the next 6 months.”

“Weather is not only a universally relevant and popular topic of conversation, but also an influencer of consumer behavior,” said Randi Stipes, chief marketing officer at The Weather Company, an IBM Business. “We’re working to make our weather data and insights accessible across the advertising ecosystem to help marketers better align with consumers’ omni-channel journey. Out of home is such a powerful and relevant channel for brands to leverage the power of weather to drive connections and inspire action.”

Contact Vistar today to learn more about weather-based marketing strategies and how you can integrate weather into your next DOOH campaign.

*Rain-X® is a trade-mark of Illinois Tool Works Inc., and is used under license.

Source: Vistar Media

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