VIOOH Announces Partnership With Leading French Media Owner, DOOHYOULIKE

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New programmatic digital OOH offering launches at over 1000 convenience stores across France

Paris, FRANCE – 1st December 2022 – Today, VIOOH, the leading premium global digital out of home (DOOH) supply side platform, announced a new partnership with the leading media platform in convenience stores, DOOHYOULIKE.

Utilising VIOOH’s premium supply side platform, and with access to DOOHYOULIKE’s market-leading OOH inventory, this new partnership will allow more advertisers to create high-impact, data-driven, and efficient DOOH campaigns across convenience stores in France.

“It’s an exciting time for the digital OOH market in France and we’re delighted to be partnering with DOOHYOULIKE to help continue the adoption of programmatic digital OOH in this market,” said Natalia Escribano, Chief Commercial Officer at VIOOH.

“By combining DOOHYOULIKE’s leading retail inventory with VIOOH’s programmatic capabilities, we will enable brands to create highly targeted, flexible, and measurable DOOH campaigns across convenience stores in France. This offering also enables brands to tap into the shopper audience – who are already in the mindset to buy and have a high average time spent shopping – making this offering extremely desirable from a programmatic perspective due to these highly sought-after audience segments,” added Escribano.

DOOHYOULIKE has over 2000 screens across over 1000 stores in more than 300 cities across France. The locations selected are the most profitable stores in high commercial density areas, as close as possible to where people live and work. The screens are also located close to products so that they are seen at the decisive in-store moments. You can read more about DOOHYOULIKE’s market-leading DOOH inventory here.

“The partnership with VIOOH is a great opportunity for DOOHYOULIKE to allow more French and international advertisers to reach their urban consumers as close as possible to the act of purchase,” said Fabrice Guez, Co-founder at DOOHYOULIKE.

Last month, VIOOH released its ‘State of the Nation: Programmatic DOOH report’ for France, which surveyed agency and advertising executives on their perceptions of the programmatic DOOH industry. The report showed that the majority (99%) of French media professionals set to retain or increase investment in programmatic DOOH in the next 18 months – showing that the future of programmatic DOOH in this market is looking strong and it’s a big opportunity for the OOH industry.

Source: VIOOH

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