Using AI to Help Write Billboard Sales Pitches

Using Ai to Help Write Billboard Sales Pitch

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AI can help us with productivity in many ways. From personalized customer experiences to predictive analytics, AI is helping businesses make smarter decisions and streamline operations. We decided to give Ai a go at helping us write a billboard sales pitch for a florist. We used Chat GPT for this experiment, however there are a half dozen similar services to choose from. Below are the results.

The Prompt:

I’m an outdoor advertising company (selling billboards), help me write a sales pitch for a florist that will show the benefits of using billboards, what they can advertise, what locations would benefit them the most, etc…

The Result:

Subject: Let Your Flowers Shine Bright with Billboard Magic!

Hey there [Florist Name],

Imagine your gorgeous bouquets and floral creations stealing the spotlight, captivating hearts at every turn. Well, guess what? With our outdoor billboards, that dream can be your reality! We’re not just an outdoor advertising company; we’re your partners in blooming success. Let’s dive into how we can sprinkle some billboard magic on your floral business!

Why Choose Billboard Advertising?

  1. Say Hello to Spotlight: Billboards give your floral wonders the attention they deserve, shining brightly for all to see.
  2. Leave a Lasting Impression: Picture this: your beautiful arrangements etched in people’s minds long after they’ve passed by. That’s the power of billboard advertising!
  3. Meet Your Perfect Match: We know where your audience hangs out, and we’ll make sure your billboards are right there to catch their eye!

What’s in the Spotlight?

  1. Seasonal Surprises: Let’s showcase your seasonal delights—think vibrant spring bouquets, romantic Valentine’s Day specials, and festive holiday arrangements!
  2. Special Moments, Special Flowers: Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries—your billboards will shout out loud, “We’ve got the perfect flowers for your special day!”
  3. Your Brand, Your Story: Let’s tell the world about your brand—the story behind your flowers, the passion that goes into each arrangement!

Where Should Your Billboards Bloom?

  1. Busy Buzzing Intersections: We’ll plant your billboards where the hustle and bustle are, ensuring they catch the eye of every passerby!
  2. Near the Heart of Events: Let’s get close to where the action is—near event venues, hotels, and places where celebrations happen!
  3. Tourist Hotspots: When tourists are exploring, let’s make sure they’re also discovering your floral delights!

Why Us? Because We’ve Got That Magic Touch!

  1. We’re Your Flower Buddies: We know our stuff when it comes to outdoor advertising, but more than that, we’re here to make your floral dreams come true!
  2. Creative Wizards at Your Service: Our team of design magicians will work with you to create spellbinding ads that showcase your floral masterpieces!
  3. Results? We’ve Got You Covered!: We don’t just promise magic; we deliver results you can measure, analyze, and celebrate!

Ready to let your flowers steal the show? Reach out to us today, and let’s sprinkle some billboard magic on your floral business!

Warmest Blooms,

[Your Name] [Your Title] [Your Contact Information]


The results aren’t bad, however, you would want to personalize some of the information to match your exact locations and offerings. In summary, AI is just another tool like the internet, email, etc. that can help us be more productive. The key is to make it your own.

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