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Let’s say you’ve got a new billboard client and they need some help coming up with creative. Or, you have a potential billboard advertiser you’re trying to sign up and want to impress with some really great spec art. What ads could they be running on billboards? You can use Ai platforms like ChatGPT to help you create ad campaign ideas pretty quickly. And the results are usually pretty great.

For this example, we will be using ChatGPT, however, there are other free Ai platforms such as Google’s Bard.

Step 1. Create a free account on ChatGPT by clicking here.

Once your account is created and you are logged in, you should see a screen with a text prompt area like the example below:

Chat GPT Screen

Step 2. Type in the prompt that will generate your billboard ad campaign ideas and hit enter.

For this example, the billboard advertiser I’m getting ideas for will be a made-up Italian restaurant: Giovani’s

Write some short billboard ad headlines for an Italian Restaurant called Giovani’s that has been in business for 50 years. The headlines should be clever, funny, romantic, professional, memorable, and entice people driving by the billboard to want to eat there.

1. “Giovani’s: Where Flavor Meets 50 Years of Tradition!”
2. “Spaghetti and Love: Served Fresh for Half a Century at Giovani’s!”
3. “50 Years of Deliciousness – Celebrate with Giovani’s!”
4. “Taste the Timeless Italian Magic at Giovani’s – Est. 1973.”
5. “Indulge Your Senses in 50 Years of Culinary Mastery at Giovani’s!”
6. “Savor Every Moment: 50 Years of Love in Every Bite at Giovani’s!”
7. “Giovani’s: Where Every Plate Tells a 50-Year-Old Love Story.”
8. “Passion for Pasta Since 1973 – Discover Giovani’s Today!”
9. “From Generation to Generation, Giovani’s Tastes Like Home!”
10. “Experience 50 Years of Italian Excellence – Giovani’s Awaits You!”

Step 3. Use a free plagiarism checker to make sure the results are not copyrighted or used by any other businesses. There are free resources online like Grammarly that are quick and easy to use.

Optional: If you’re a nervous nelly, you can use the US Trademark and Patent search tool to check the results even further.

Step 4. Use Ai even further to come up with image ideas for the billboard ads. We’ll choose the best 3 headlines ChatGPT came up with.

What are some photo options for this ad headline: “From Generation to Generation, Giovani’s Tastes Like Home!”

Old Family Photos: A collage of vintage family photos, with generations of patrons dining at Giovani’s over the years. This adds a nostalgic touch and showcases the restaurant’s long history.

Family-Style Dining: A warm and inviting image of a family or a group of friends sitting around a table, sharing a delicious Italian meal at Giovani’s. This conveys a sense of togetherness and homey atmosphere.

Handmade Pasta: A captivating image of a chef or staff member handcrafting fresh pasta. This emphasizes the restaurant’s dedication to homemade and authentic Italian cuisine.

Step 5. Using the billboard headlines and image examples provided by ChatGPT, design your billboard ads following Ai’s instructions.

The finished product:

Ai Generated Billboard Idea - 1

Ai Generated Billboard Idea - 1 Mockup

Ai Generated Billboard Idea - 2

Ai Generated Billboard Idea - 1 Mockup 2

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