Ultimate Billboard Sales Bundle

A collection of tools geared to help you make more billboard sales. Put together by industry experts.

What’s included in the bundle?

Billboard Idea Book – Hardcover

This 29 page full color billboard idea book has some great ideas to help you sell that potential client. Use this book for creating spec ads or show it to your client to generate new ideas!

Book includes ideas for:

• Health Care
• Restaurants
• Insurance
• Funeral Homes
• Fast Food
• Dental & Vision
• Real Estate
• Banking
• Retail
• & Many More

Custom Billboard Ad Design

3 Free Custom Billboard Ad Designs

Designed by an artist with nearly a decade of OOH ad design experience. We create ads with impact. Ads that drive sales for your customers and get attention.

You get unlimited revisions. Satisfaction guaranteed. Available for digital billboards, tri-visions, posters and wraps.

Billboard Asset Bundle

OOH Marketing Asset Bundle – Downloads

A collection of printable, social media sharable, email-able flyers and graphics. Created in high resolution.


• How Digital Works
• Who Looks at Billboards?
• The Billboard Designer’s Guidebook
• Billboards VS
• Marketing to Millennials
• How to Create Successful Billboard Ads
• Online Marketing & OOH Study
• 5 Holiday Ad Templates
• 16 Available/Your Ad Here Ad Templates
• Retro Wallpapers
Tasty Ad Billboard Software

Tasty Ad Billboard Sales & Design Software

Tasty Ad is a unique sales and design tool for the out-of-home advertising industry. We have combined proven strategies, tools and techniques that optimize sales and encourage client retention. Tasty Ad is at first glance, an incredibly fast and easy way to design OOH ads and present them to potential or existing clients in the most professional and impactful way.

Billboard Proposal Tool

Tasty Proposals – Email Proposal Tool

Easily share sample OOH ads with potential sales leads by email. Upload your ads, location maps and photos. Tasty Proposals generates and sends a professional email.

Much easier for your clients to follow than traditional emails. Tasty Proposals streamlines all of your information into one scrollable page. Emails are branded with your company logo and contact information.

Bundle Price

How do you get this awesome bundle?

Simply sign up for Tasty Ad for 1 year and you get it all!

$75/mo | Tasty Jr. Plan (for IBO users)

$99/mo | Tasty Jr. Plan (non IBO users)

$200/mo | 2 Scoops Plan (for IBO users)

$249/mo | 2 Scoops Plan (non IBO users)

*Early cancelation fee of $299 for Tasty Jr. accounts and $499 for 2 Scoops accounts.

Download & Sign the agreement here. Email it back to info@tastyad.com or fax to 931-854-9505

Then sign up for your Tasty Ad account!
*Existing customers can simply sign and return the agreement.

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