Traditional OOH Sales Tools, “Not Impressive”

Traditional OOH Sales

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Are traditional OOH sales tools not effective anymore? Does it seem like when you are trying to make new sales but you are missing something? If you are going into a new business and you do not have all the right sales tools, your only making it harder on yourself. If you are meeting a new client with no spec art to show and just a contract and pictures of locations in your hand, you are making it harder for you to sell a billboard. Just imagine how much easier it would be to walk in and have an example of what it could look like.

Tasty Ad is a design tool for salespeople to create spec art (sample ads) in minutes. NO DESIGN SKILLS NEEDED! Tasty Ad has made it easy for anyone to design a billboard that looks professional. Also with smart lookup, it has made it ten times faster to find your advertiser’s information, logo, and color schemes. Here is an example of how easy it works:

How Tasty Ad works

What if you can’t stop by a business to make the sale, no problem. Tasty Ad has a proposal tool that makes your email look professional and well organized.

What is Tasty Proposals?

Tasty Proposals is a marketing tool for the Out of Home advertising industry. Its purpose it to provide a solution for outdoor companies to easily send ad samples, location maps and photos to potential clients in an effort to fill their available advertising space. The traditional method was to compose an email and attach the ad samples and photos, which doesn’t look as clean and professional as a proposal sent through Tasty Proposals.

How It Works

Simply use Tasty Proposals like you would if you were composing an email. Enter your contact info and upload your company logo. Add your design samples you have prepared for your client, enter the client’s email address and click the send button. Your potential client will then receive your proposal (via email), displayed in an organized and easy to follow template. From there they will have the opportunity to click “Yes, I’m Interested”. This sends you a reply back to your email stating the client is interested in your proposal. It’s that simple!

proposal tool

So why not have the best sales tools available for your company to take advantage of? We offer 2 week free trial, free demo,  and there are no contracts. You can cancel anytime. Give it a try today at https://tastyadprod.wpengine.com/pricing/.

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