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Nila Spaces, a real estate brand has launched a one-of-its-kind ‘Roadblock DOOH Campaign’ in Ahmedabad with Times OOH.

The real estate brand came with a vision to establish its upcoming premium project- Vida- The Future of Urban Living in a highly anticipated manner and exclusive format that suits the imagery of the brand and its new project and caters to the masses. Thus, the brand zeroed upon high-quality and strategically placed digital billboards to make a big announcement of its project.

To make it large and expansive, the Ahmedabad-based brand utilised the complete network of digital billboards by occupying all slots, managed by Times OOH, available in the city. The complete network of Times OOH’s digital billboards showcased the Vida Campaign across the city throughout the day in a series. Currently, there are 118 digital billboards available with a loop of 8 slots on each screen.

Since digital billboards offers hassle-free, quick, and inexpensive campaign execution; this campaign was made live in the span of a single night with the help of a robust CMS system that managed to display the campaign across the city with just one click and from one place.

“We are a progressive company that believes in undertaking initiatives that are fresh, lively and exciting. The same formula is applied in our marketing plans as well. We have always been fascinated by the Times OOH digital billboards as it is the future of out-of-home advertising available in the city. However, we wanted to do a unique activity. Together with an able team of Times OOH we came up with a roadblock idea that has never been done before that suited our brand ideology and our aim to launch project VIDA – The Future Of Urban Living at GIFT City, one of our marquee projects, in a highly famed manner”, says Deep Vadodaria – Director, Nila Spaces.

The blanket execution of the OOH campaign has been a dream strategy for advertisers as it helps in making a significant impact on consumers. However, with traditional formats, the execution is a big challenge due to the conventional method of deployment of creativity. Nonetheless, the Digital Billboard has completely evaded the execution-related challenges and enhanced the effect of the campaign with seamless all at once for execution.

“The entire city with help of 118 digital billboards was painted with VIDA by Nila Spaces Limited for a day which helped the brand in gaining huge recognition in the market as well as extensive visibility with the help of digital billboards”, adds Deep.

“The possibilities of any advertising channel come out with proper utilization of the format of the medium which enhances the efficacy of the marketing initiative. digital billboards carry a huge set of potential to make an undeniable presence for the brand with its various features and calculative execution is one such feature that helps brands in achieving a big objective- Larger than Life Impact. It is quite overwhelming to see that Nila Spaces has utilized our digital billboards to the fullest”, expresses Anchal Dhawan, City Media – Business Head, Times OOH.

Times OOH offers comprehensive media solutions across Airports, Metro, and Street furniture in India and Mauritius.

by exchange4media Staff

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