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Tim Misny of Misny Law (Cleveland, OH) is one of those “bigger than life characters”.  He’s been practicing law in Cleveland Ohio for 38 years and uses out of home advertising (billboards) as his primary advertising media. His signature tagline “I’ll Make Them Pay!®” can be seen on billboards throughout Ohio and have helped him build his practice to what it is today.

What makes his billboards so effective is 3 key ingredients to successful out of home campaigns. First, they are simple. Very few words are used on Misny’s billboard ads and that makes them more memorable, easily read, and better viewed at long distances. Second, his photo is cropped perfectly, showing only Tim from the waist up which makes him very large on the ads. The “point and stare” pose grabs your eye as well. Third, it’s a catchy and memorable slogan. “Misy Makes Them Pay” is the simplest way to tell the audience he is a successful accident and injury lawyer.

Tasty ad spoke with Tim and his marketing manager Pat. Here’s what they had to say…

When someone is a victim of a bad accident and they are laying in a hospital bed and lamenting about how the insurance company for the at fault party is flat out refusing to fix their car, cover their lost wages, and medical bills they need someone who “will Make Them Pay!”

That “someone” in the state of Ohio, is personal injury lawyer Tim Misny, who has 20 offices throughout the state.

Misny has inundated the interstates and highways throughout Ohio with roughly 300 billboards that proclaim “Misny Makes Them Pay!®”.  Coupled with an imposing photo of the bald-headed barrister pointing with his right eyebrow raised, the message “Misny Makes Them Pay!®” is one that is simple, clean and connects with potential clients.

Many people have told Misny that their new favorite family activity while they are driving is to play a game, which is, who sees the first Tim Misny billboard and who counts the most.

Like any great marketing message, “Make Them Pay!” is organic and from the heart.

“Insurance companies play right into my branding when they deny and delay paying claims”, Misny said.  “Making them pay, with emphasis on MAKING, is what I have done for 39 years. As I have said in one of my television commercials, if insurance companies treated people with dignity and respect, like they would like to be treated if they were involved in an accident, I would have to do something else for a living.  In the meantime, I’ll be there for my people and I’ll make them pay,” Misny continued.

“Nothing succeeds like success.  There is no doubt that this has real application throughout the United States,” Misny added.

Contact Pat Morin (Marketing Manager) 216-513-0020 pmorin@drivebigcases.com
to see how you can become a “Makes Them Pay!” Lawyer.”
See some of Tim Misny’s billboards below:

Tim Misny Billboards

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