The National Fallen Officer Foundation is taking its Pro-Police Message Nationwide – “Police Are People Too”


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WASHINGTONAug. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The National Fallen Officer Foundation is taking its pro-police message nationwide, beginning with New York City’s Times Square to show law enforcement officers that we have their backs. According to Dr. Tre Pennie, President of The National Fallen Officer Foundation, “Over the last decade, corresponding with the rise of radicalized movements in the U.S., there has been an increase of attacks on our nation’s law enforcement.” He stated that police officers have faced significant challenges ranging from physical to political attacks just because of their occupation.

The National Fallen Officer Foundation has set an ambitious goal to launch a public awareness campaign to humanize police officers in the most recognizable neighborhoods across the country. The billboards will be displayed in major cities like ChicagoLos AngelesDetroitSt. Louis, and other major cities across America.

The “Police Are People Too” campaign was created as a counter-narrative to the “Defund the Police” agenda. Since 2015, organized efforts to destabilize public safety have placed police officers in harm’s way; which led to some people taking to the streets to harass, attack, and even murder the men and women sworn to keep their communities safe. According to recent statistics, ambush-style attacks on our nation’s law enforcement have increased by nearly 90% as compared to last year.

It should be noted that as anti-police messaging continues to play out in media headlines, calls to penalize and even cut the budgets of police agencies continue to progress. Because of this, The National Fallen Officer Foundation wants everyone to understand that police officers are just like every other person working to navigate the daily stressors for life and the occupation. In fact, occupationally, police officers face significantly higher levels of daily stress than other professions and are amongst the highest in the nation in suicide rates.

The “Police Are People Too” campaign will highlight the fact that police officers have families and friends that care about their well-being and who pray for their safe return from work every day. Many people enter the law enforcement profession because they want to serve and protect the communities that they know and love and we should protect them by making it known that “Police Are People Too”.

To support this initiative and to DONATE, click Police Are People Too | Mightycause

To learn more visit: www.nationalfof.org or call (202) 355-9487.

SOURCE The National Fallen Officer Foundation

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