Tasty Ad Software Update Coming Soon


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We’re excited to announce that we are implementing a few new changes to the Tasty Ad software. The main reason we’re doing these improvements is to make it faster and more effective for our users. The improvements are in the works and should be finished in February.

• When working with advertisers with square or circular shaped logos, Tasty Ad will recommend ads that will fit their logos better.

• When creating a new advertiser, Tasty Ad will automatically pull in the type of business for you. 

• We’re allowing the ability to save an advertiser, even if you haven’t uploaded a logo since some ads don’t require a logo.

• We’re adding some new templates designs. These new templates will feature areas for larger logos and larget photos.

The Tasty Ad website is getting re-organized so you can better find our products and services.

• We’re announcing a brand new service! Stay tuned!


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