Tasty Ad 2018 Year Round Up

Tasty Ad 2018

It was a busy 2018 at Tasty Ad. Here’s a recap of what we were up to…

• January thru August Tasty Ad was in development at Southern Made.

Tasty Ad went live at the end of September. Woo hoo!

• Presentation at IBOUSA in Ohio – Really took off when companies saw the idea.

• Designed some custom ads for billboard companies.

• Planning for our Maximizing OOH Sales Webinar.

• Surveys and updates.

• A handful of free billboard ads for companies to post.

• Giveaways: shirts, hats, stickers, candy bars, gift cards…

• A ton of demos!

• A lot of social media posts.

W’ve got even bigger plans for 2019! Including some new features, products and more.

Tasty Ad wants billboard companies to grow and do well.  We offer 2 week free trial, with no strings attached! You can cancel at anytime. If you would like more information, click here  or call 931-854-8464.


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