StackAdapt Expands DOOH Inventory by Onboarding New Partners for EMEA

StackAdapt DOOH Programatic Partner

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StackAdapt, the leading self-serve programmatic advertising platform, continues to reinforce its position as a leading digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising solutions provider across the EMEA market. StackAdapt has announced programmatic partnerships with Broadsign and VIOOH that will expand supplier inventory and give users greater opportunity to scale campaigns across EMEA. These follow recent partnerships with Vistar Media and Place Exchange, and further cements StackAdapt’s DOOH capabilities.

StackAdapt is currently positioned to give advertisers the greatest opportunity to reach and engage with target audiences using dynamic DOOH content. For instance with Broadsign, StackAdapt can now provide access to a wide range of DOOH inventory in the EMEA market. Through the partnership with VIOOH, StackAdapt has also enabled clients to efficiently scale their digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising campaigns across the EMEA region by providing access to JCDecaux placements. This partnership helps advertisers easily leverage the vast network of JCDecaux inventory and reach a broader audience in multiple markets.

London-based digital marketing agency Digital Willow utilised StackAdapt to implement a programmatic DOOH campaign to help promote tourism in collaboration with the Isle of Man government. Digital Willow was able to take advantage of VIOOH’s premium inventory, including campaigns through JCDecaux UK, across prime DOOH advertising locations such as Edinburgh Airport.

“Working closely with the StackAdapt team, we were able to access their impressive DOOH inventory, which helped us pinpoint the most appropriate locations for our campaign,” said Amber Williamson, founder, and CEO of Digital Willow. “We were then able to integrate this activity as part of a holistic digital media buy, ensuring maximum impact and reach with our target audience. We are very grateful for their support throughout the project, from the initial briefing to the launch of the campaign.”

For marketers seeking to enhance their DOOH campaigns, StackAdapt offers a user-friendly programmatic platform for multi-channel, multi-touch campaigns that allows users to efficiently drive their brand message through one single access point. Clients using StackAdapt’s platform can run DOOH inventory alongside their other channels, and the newly expanded partnerships make it easier for them to secure real-time ad slots for their brands.

“We are delighted to announce new partnerships aimed at enhancing our DOOH stack, with a focus on increased inventory, cross-channel measurement and transparent reporting,” said Ben Elliot, director of advanced TV & DOOH for StackAdapt. “By collaborating with industry leaders such as Broadsign and VIOOH, we have strengthened our platform to make data-driven DOOH ad buying more efficient and seamless around the world.”

Measurement solutions are also available for DOOH and other channels, making it easier for clients to track the performance of their campaigns. Additionally, StackAdapt enables quick activations across the globe.


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