Soofa Activates Mobile Solar-Powered Signage for Premier Lacrosse League 2024 Opening Weekend


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CAMBRIDGE, Mass.June 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Soofa, the leading developer of solar-powered digital kiosks used by cities and advertisers as a sustainable out-of-home (OOH) communication platform has now entered the event space. Soofa Signs were recently activated at Bob Ford Field at Tom & Mary Casey Stadium on the University of Albany campus for the 2024 opening weekend of the Premier Lacrosse League, serving as a fan engagement and information tool.

“Our innovative solar-powered technology offers us flexibility and mobility that other digital signage cannot match due to their reliance on electricity,” said Toby Sturek, Chief Executive Officer at Soofa. “Our partnership with the Premier Lacrosse League is the first of many event-based deployments in which our signs can be customized and activated on a short term basis, all while being environmentally sustainable.”

On June 1-2, 2024, Soofa Signs were present at key Tom & Mary Casey Stadium access points to provide information such as game schedules, wayfinding maps, and team social media feeds, along with access to the Premier Lacrosse League mobile app, team merchandise, and tickets to future games and events via unique QR codes. The signs were delivered the day prior to the event, activated within just one hour, and promptly removed after the final game was completed with no disruption to the event setup or teardown process.

“Integrating Soofa signage into our 2024 Opening Weekend has unlocked new and innovative pathways to connect with our fans,” said Danny Passovoy, Vice President of Ticketing & Fan Experience with the Premier Lacrosse League.

“We’re proud to partner with the Premier Lacrosse League on this unique engagement,” said Sturek. “Their eagerness and excitement to connect with their fans in innovative ways, coupled with their preference for easily customizable content throughout their venues makes Soofa the perfect solution to deliver fresh fan experiences.”

Activation of solar-powered Soofa Signs as an event-based solution for brands, leagues, and festivals is just one of many new ways that Soofa is continuing to pioneer the future of sustainable OOH messaging. Expansion of this model into new verticals is expected to grow over the rest of 2024 and beyond as Soofa’s partners seek to provide ease-of-access to relevant, real-time event information.

Soofa is the ultimate outdoor advertising and smart city communication platform. In 2024, Soofa’s eight-foot tall solar-powered digital kiosks continue to gain traction in cities across the country, along with event organizers and brands seeking to reach their target audience with hyperlocal information while protecting our planet.

Kiel Hauck, Senior Director of Marketing


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