Social media, political advertising, and DOOH

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In late 2019, social media giant Twitter released new advertising guidelines essentially banning all political advertising. The official message from their website reads:  “Twitter globally prohibits the promotion of political content. We have made this decision based on our belief that political message reach should be earned, not bought.” Twitter is among the top 4 most popular social platforms as of 2020, so the inability for political campaigns to advertise on the platform has political marketers looking for other spaces.

This leads us to believe that all social media platforms, however popular they are, should be limiting political advertising since users are there for social interaction. Not to mention some platforms can essentially be biased towards one party or candidate.

Social media has had a bad rep when it comes to its advertising reputation. This is because it is “disruptive” advertising. Shoving an ad in someone’s face when they are in the middle of a video tends to annoy them.

Other advertising platforms, like digital out of home, have a great reputation with their viewers. DOOH is one of the least disruptive platforms available. People don’t mind looking at a great billboard ad while they are out driving around or headed from one place to another. Billboards and other out of home screens are not forcing their way into the viewer’s lives.

All of that said, online and social advertising should not be completely cut out of your marketing mix.Everything in moderation. It’s important to have a healthy mix of DOOH with your social media or online advertising campaign. In fact, adding out of home to social media advertising has proven to be much more efficient than running social alone.

If you like flexibility in your advertising endeavors, and you should, digital out of home is a great place to find it. Take control of your campaigns with Adomni; how much you spend, how far you reach, and who you advertise to. These are the factors to consider in a modern world of ad space.

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