Social Media Best Practices for OOH Companies

Social Media Best Practices

Social Media has helped businesses in their marketing efforts tremendously. The small business with an even smaller advertising budget can share their products, services and ideas with their customers for little to no cost. Provided they have the time and creativity to do so. Continue reading for some social media tips for any business and also some tips for billboard businesses.

Research where your audience is talking about you and your industry. Such as: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. Dig deeper and really listen. If your audience isn’t popular across facebook, try twitter or instagram. Business to business companies often have more luck on Linkedin. It’s often determined by age group. The point is to not waste your time on networks that your customers don’t follow. Narrow it down to 2 – 3 max and really use that extra time to create great content and posts.

Quality content is the bedrock for any successful marketing campaign. You need accurate, well organized, up-to-date content to be successful. We’ve all heard the phrase “viral” before… this simply means the post, content or video you shared on social media we so great that many people liked and or shared it.

Post what your customers want to see and read? 

People trust people over corporations. 60% of people believe a companies media post, compared to 35% who believe their online advertisements. Publish when you know your audience is online, and not when a random site tells you to. Pay attention to the metrics that matter. What do your customers engage with and what do they ignore?

Facebook Post: Recommends 40 – 80 characters and try not exceed 120. Facebook does not recommend hashtags. Add an image to your post and you will likely get 2 to three times more engagement. The ideal video is 2min. or less. Ideal image size is 1200×90 pixels.

Facebook Ads: To boost engagement, keep the paid ad text to around 80 characters, mobile is 25 characters. Ideal images is 1200×630 pixels.

Linkedin: Avoid question marks, exclamation points performs better. To avoid being cut off all statics, keep it 65 words or less. Ideal size is 1200×627 pixels. Businesses can really connect, relate and share a lot of information about their companies to a lot of other companies.

PinterestThis is a great place to get your creative billboard ads out there to the public. The ideal title length is 25 characters or less. And ideal size on vertical image is 736×1102 pixels. Never include hashtags, symbol-excessive, prices or promotions, sales information, exaggerating, claims or implied affliction.

Youtube: It’s best to post Monday-Wednesday 11am-1pm PST, Thursday-Friday 9am-12pm PST or Saturday-Sunday 6am-8am PST. The usual length for videos is 20sec to 3min. The video should include a url to your website or social media channels. 50% of viewers are on mobile, and that number is growing.

What should billboard companies post about?

For social media purposes, it’s easier to get likes and shares with content that is not directly trying to sell someone something. If you post about an available billboard try to keep the ration to 1/5. Where non sales posts are far out weighing your sales posts.

• Post community event billboard ads

• Post your clients billboard ads (preferably on billboard backgrounds)

• Post your most clever, funny or memorable billboard ads

• Post congratulatory, birthday and celebration ads of your customers

• Job posting for your company (help wanted)

• Pics or video of your employees working

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