Simple Ways to Increase Your Out of Home / Billboard Sales

Tips Increase OOH Billboard Ad Sales

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We all want to make more out of home sales. To get our boards as full as we can, and maybe start a waiting list? Sounds nice right? Achieving maximum capacity for any out-of-home company or agency may be difficult, so we’ve put together a few easy-to-follow tips and suggestions to help you in the process. 

OOH/Billboard Sales Tip #1

Consider an OOH sales training class like Sandler Training Chattanooga. The team at Sandler Chattanooga has used their many years of sales and OOH experience to create an OOH Mastery Class. Knowing how to fine-tune your sales strategies to potential out of home advertisers is key. Some of our partners have been through this training and it has helped them immensely.

Read more about the OOH Mastery Class here.

OOH/Billboard Sales Tip #2

We talk about this one a lot… Show your potential billboard advertiser’s some spec art during the sales process. Whether you use your in-house designer or a spec art design tool like Tasty Ad Software, spec art can mean the difference between a “maybe” and a “yes”.

See our ultimate guide to creating billboard/ooh spec art here.

OOH/Billboard Sales Tip #3

Target the businesses that could best benefit from specific available billboard locations. Meaning interstate and highway billboards that could be used as directionals for nearby businesses. Or businesses in town that are closest to your available billboards. Or geographic targeting options. For example, a walk-in clinic whose target customer is children and families and you have a billboard located near a school.

OOH/Billboard Sales Tip #4

Display unique, memorable, and action-taking “Available” ads or “Your Ad Here” ads on your available locations. This may be something we all do, but just displaying a phone number may not always do the trick.

Here are a few free ads to get you started.

OOH/Billboard Sales Tip #5

Have great marketing and “leave-behind” materials. This includes online and printed materials that you can leave with potential clients after a meeting. Testimonials, location flyers, and information regarding OOH/billboard benefits. Having all of this information organized inside a folder branded with your company logo and colors is a nice way to show how professional and organized your company is.

We offer a ton of free downloadable OOH marketing material here.

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