SignBird Offering Billboard Photo/Video/Web Packages

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SignBird.io, a company offering billboard photography and video services, announces a new package to billboard owners utilizing the power of cinematography and online services to help promote sales. The package is broken down into affordable monthly payments to help operators.

It has long been noticed that great photos and videos dramatically increase engagement on social media channels. As reported below by a number of different sources:

In layman’s terms, this means viewers prefer to read and interact with quality imagery, regardless of the source or platform. For billboard owners, this means having great shots of your billboards, quality video aerial and approach shots, and continuing that across your ride sheets and websites.

Combining billboard photo and video services with an online platform for your potential advertisers to view your billboard’s information is what SignBird is doing with their “Operator Package”.

Operator Package
Will Travel To Your Market And Produce The Following:
  • Approach Photos/per face
  • Closeup Photos/per face
  • 10-sec DriveBy Video/per face
“As we continue to grow, SignBird has had the opportunity to speak with billboard owners all over the country. After hearing feedback, the Operator Package is designed to help our clients keep things affordable while also providing more value than ever before. Our team will continue to travel to your market and produce content that’s designed to help impress advertisers, and now we’re hosting this content with a great website that’s accessible, creative, and user-friendly.”
-John James (SignBird)

For more information about SignBird’s products and services visit signbird.io or call John James at 256-509-9730.

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