Should I Give Camera Access to My Digital Advertisers?

Digital Billboard Cameras

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The cameras mounted on our digital billboards are a wonderful thing. They let us see what ads are currently running, if that important campaign got published without issue, and if the billboard has any led panels out or power issues. They save us so much time, especially when your billboards are located far away from you. They can also allow our advertisers to see what ads are currently running, provided we chose to share the camera login info with them.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of sharing your digital billboard’s camera with your advertisers:


• You don’t have to deal with the advertiser’s emailing you, asking what ads they are playing (as much).

• Customers like the ability to see their ads whenever they like.

• The technology has a “cool” factor.

• If an advertiser wants an ad that is too busy, bad contrast, etc… they can see the results live and opt for a better design.


• You may get a huge bill from your data provider. More eyes watching the cameras means more data being used, which may cost you more money depending on your data plan. It’s important to check with your provider and see if you have a usage limit. Most companies do.

• Your customers could potentially be watching their competitor’s ads, also.

• The advertiser might share your camera login with others.

• If your cameras aren’t clean and sharp, the poor image quality will make you look bad.

The truth of the matter is this: the advertisers can sit and watch the billboard in person and get pretty much the same results as viewing the camera, so as long as your lenses are clean and you have good angles, why not share the login if your customers request it?

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