Selling Short Run DOOH

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What is a short-run DOOH campaign? Typically anything less than a 3-6 month commitment from the advertiser. Some out of home advertising companies don’t like selling short-term contracts. That’s understandable if you don’t have the availability and have great renewal rates. But, selling shorter-term runs on digital can be an open door for future work and longer-term commitments.

Tips for selling short-run DOOH campaigns:
• Get payment upfront for the entire campaign.

• Make it preemptable so you can re-sell the space to a longer-term advertiser if one comes along.

• Make it a point to revisit the advertiser for a longer sale after the campaign.
• Increase your advertising cost for short-term campaigns.
• Limit the creative to 1 ad. Or have the advertiser provide their own.
Finding short-run DOOH campaigns:

• Factories and other facilities are often hiring. Typically these start as short-term advertising runs.

• Advertisers looking to promote new product launches.

• Grand openings, grand reopenings, etc.

• Business that move to new locations.

• Programmatic companies like Adomni or Blip.

• General public billboard buying platforms like Billboard4Me.


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