Sandler Helped us Achieve a Record Sales Year Despite the Pandemic (Casestudy)

Sandler Blog Post

The following is a real case study from Roland Digital Media and Sandler OOH Sales Training (Chattanooga).

The year was 2020. A global pandemic had just hit, causing sickness, huge travel restrictions, and business closings. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer had become commodities.  Devastating news if you’re in the out of home advertising industry. Businesses wouldn’t want to advertise if they weren’t open, and with less road traffic, who would see the ads? In addition, our area was hit by a tornado on March 3 which left hundreds of homes and businesses damaged and 19 dead.

It was a very tough start to the new year. However, some businesses were still advertising and road traffic, although lower, was still generating ad views. But nonetheless, billboard companies were taking a hit. We had to start thinking outside the box and figure out how to retain our current customers (who now wanted out) and continue getting new customers so our revenue didn’t plummet. 

Luckily, just a few weeks earlier, we had completed an in-depth course with Sandler Training (Chattanooga) which focussed on OOH sales. The course focused on prospecting, quality referrals, renewals, coaching your salespeople, getting longer deals, ad creative, and more. 

While many outdoor companies were just trying to stay afloat during the pandemic, we were able to pull off a record year. 

The Roland team strongly recommends Sandler Training Chattanooga and their incredible staff. For more information about Sandler please visit their website here.


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