Recap on IBOUSA Houston, TX Conference – 2023

IBOUSA Houston Conference

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Tasty Ad had the pleasure of attending the IBOUSA conference in Texas this past week. The conference was great and many topics were discussed, some things were learned, and it was great to see some old friends. Here are some highlights from Thursday’s schedule…

Thursdays speaker highlights:

John Mulholland

John Mulholland from DOT Outdoor – Cold Calling:
John shared his tips for selling billboards which he’s accumulated from a lifetime of sales. He made some really great points.




Mike Donaldson

Mike Donaldson from Billboard Planet – Planning for Success: OOH KPIs/Metrics:
How Mike’s career in OOH helped form Billboard Planet and its rich features like KPIs and Metrics that help grow your outdoor company.



Gary B

Gary B from FotoFetch – Increasing Revenue with FotoFetch:
Need a POP shot taken? Anywhere, anytime, FotoFetch can do it.




Leslie Wescott

Leslie Wescott from Flock Off – Why Does Flock Off Make Cents?
A humane solution for bird control on billboards. Great for billboards near auto dealers.




Ari Buchalter

Ari Buchalter from PlaceExchange – Q&A Discussion on PerView:
Creating a certified measurement system for OOH. Why, how, and when.




Richard Blaiklock

Richard Blaiklock from Lewis Wagner, LLP – First Amendment Prior Restraint:
A very interesting discussion on what obligations you have as a billboard owner. What you can and can’t post and why.




Jessica Braig

Jessica Braig & Carrie Kurokso from CSX – Land of Opportunity:
The CSX railroad company, which owns tons of land that their tracks are on, is looking to partner with billboard companies to erect structures.




Dan Nausley Lisa Nausley

Dan & Lisa Nausley from Sandler Training – Leadership Cookbook:
Everything you need to know about landing ideal clients and employees and keeping them.



Shane Hutton

Shane Hutton from Tasty Ad – How to Win Potential Advertisers with Creative:
Your potential advertisers are buying a solution to their problem. The ad, artwork, or creative is the catalyst to that solution. Show them spec ads so they know what they are buying.



Richard Rothfelder

Rothfelder & Falick – Litigation & Drafting of Leases & Easements:
As the title states, everything a billboard owner needs to know about getting and keeping billboard land leases.





For more information about IBOUSA visit their website here.


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