Puppies and babies: selecting the perfect photo for your ad

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Selecting the Perfect Photo For Your Ad

Selecting the perfect photo for your ad sometimes can be difficult. Just remember that you want to first decide the message you are getting across first, then the image. The image should go with the message you are sending out. For example: if you need an ad of a baby that has been born from the hospital, you wouldn’t want anything in the background, just the baby is fine. But a good one. You do not want the picture to overpower your message though.

You want potential customers to be able to see what the message you are trying to get across. Try to put your personal preference aside, and focus on factors that will please the audience Here are some hints:

Color appeals to the senses. Try to keep the colors bright and vivid.

The energy creates emotion and fuels the message.

Make sure the photo stands out to get the message across fast.

Always remember that people driving down the road may only have a few seconds to view your ad. So make sure that the photo goes with the message you are trying to get across. Bright and vivid colors and the photo stands out.


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