President Trump Loves Billboards (Video)

Trump Billboard

Watchfire Signs

President Trump traveled to Cookeville Tennessee (Tasty Ad’s hometown) Friday 6th, 2020 to survey the tornado damage that happened on March 3rd. Cookeville was hit the hardest with an F4 tornado that killed 18 people and damaged 500 homes and businesses.

Once Roland Digital Media heard the president would be arriving on Friday, Dave Roland (owner) created several printed (from Camel City Posters withing 24HRS)and digital billboards for him to see. 17 digital billboards in Cookeville displayed “Our President Cares”.  A printed billboard was displayed at “Next Step for Life”, the women’s home that was completely destroyed Tuesday morning.

When President Trump finished surveying the damage in Cookeville, he went to the Jefferson Church of Christ to meet with some of the victims from the storm and Dave Roland was one of the victims that he got to speak to. Watch the video below:

You can tell that Trump was moved by the billboards as he tweeted a photo shortly after visiting.


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