PATTISON Outdoor Partners with Docma to Launch SweetSpot© Moving Transit Media Optimization Tool


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PATTISON Outdoor Advertising, Canada’s leading Out-of-Home advertising provider has announced the launch of SweetSpot© Transit Streetcar Measurement, a first-to-market media planning tool for agencies to optimize their investment on Moving Transit advertising. In partnership with Docma, a technology company specializing in media and marketing science, PATTISON Outdoor brings the industry’s first third-party audience reach and frequency optimization measurement model to Canada’s largest Transit format. The pilot project kicks off with Streetcar Vinyl Wraps on the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) system.

With SweetSpot©, PATTISON delivers agency planners and advertisers a way to optimize their moving transit campaigns, to evaluate media investments, and to better understand the impact it will have on their business objectives. At the planning stage, the Streetcar measurement tool will produce demographic and behavioural audience insights allowing advertisers to optimize reach, frequency and impressions as a function of media investment.

To report on moving transit advertising audience exposure and impressions, Sweetspot© uses a probabilistic reach and frequency methodology. For this, Docma adds polygon data to the TTC’s fleet of Streetcar vehicles and geofences the Streetcar vehicle stops in real-time using the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) dataset from the TTC’s schedule to depict the route map which advertising campaigns are served along. With anonymized mobile device ID data, Docma records the unique IDs in the geofenced area at the same time the Streetcar passes through, along with the number of times they re-enter the target area and the time they spend. Through the postal code association of the device IDs, Sweetspot© delivers optimal reach curves for audiences defined by Environics Analytics demographic and behavioural reports and PRIZM segments to provide the first, and most enhanced proprietary moving transit advertising impression model available to Canada’s advertising industry.

“We are proud to bring to market a truly innovative, industry-first initiative with the SweetSpot© Moving Transit advertising optimization tool. This changes the way Moving Transit will be planned. Now, agencies and advertisers have a direct way to evaluate maximum reach and frequency for transit Streetcar campaigns as a function of budget.

Our clients will also benefit from PATTISON’s proprietary category recall benchmark database, an industry-first solution built into the SweetSpot© platform, where they can compare their plan to historical performance data against measures such as: Ad Recall and Actions Taken.”

Bob Leroux, Vice President and General Manager, National Sales, PATTISON Outdoor Advertising.

“We are thrilled to partner with Canada’s largest Out-of-Home advertising provider to build this first-to-market platform for the industry. PATTISON’s unique product mix and scale in population coverage allowed for a highly thorough and accurate reach and frequency model, as well as an enhanced predictive ad recall interface that will help agency planners better define success with their ‘awareness’ campaigns,” says Sam Rowe, Founder & CEO, Docma. “The most rewarding part is the amazing planning experience that helps agencies better understand optimal investment for their clients and achieve scalable ‘awareness’ with PATTISON Moving Transit products.”

Connecting the downtown corridor with neighbourhoods across Toronto, PATTISON’s Transit Streetcar portfolio is extremely effective as a brand building and mass awareness platform. Now with SweetSpot© advertisers can be more strategic and efficient with their media investment in large format transit media. Recent data from a National Dynata study commissioned by PATTISON shows Toronto consumers who are working from home have strong exposure and reception to OOH media now when compared to pre-pandemic norms, making exterior transit advertising an effective way to reach them.

About PATTISON Outdoor Advertising

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