Until Justice is Real

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OUTFRONT Media Inc. (NYSE:OUT) is proud to announce a partnership with Color Of Change, the nation’s largest online racial justice organization, to bring awareness of their mission to fight injustice towards people of color. The nonprofit organization, founded following Hurricane Katrina, is celebrating its 15th¬†anniversary this year. The organization has been successful in reversing the wrongdoing towards people of color in various areas of business such as media, law enforcement, tech, and more.

OUTFRONT’s purpose to help people, places and businesses grow stronger, has become increasingly visible through a myriad of programs over the last year, and this partnership is an important piece of the company’s continued commitment. OUTFRONT is providing billboard assets across the country to the Color Of Change which will showcase the first campaign, “Until Justice is Real”. This creative highlights the need for people of all colors to do their part and demand accountability to end the practices that unfairly hold Black people back, while championing systematic solutions that move us all forward. The campaign will run in nine major cities across the country, each strategically chosen by Color Of Change.

OUTFRONT STUDIOS, OUTFRONT’s in-house creative agency, collaborated with Color Of Change on the design and campaign execution. The powerful creative depicts different people of color with the words “Action Speaks” taped over their mouths; urging the public to join the movement and become a Color Of Change member and join this crucial fight to end injustice. The campaign is aimed to embolden all people to not remain silent against injustice and take a stand to protect communities from systemic bias ingrained in our institutions.

“The past year has brought the fight for racial justice into the forefront of American activism,” said Amity Paye, Interim Chief Marketing Officer at Color Of Change, the largest online racial justice organization. “We’re glad to be working with OUTFRONT to help even more people take action and find real racial justice solutions that will move our country forward. There is still so much work that still needs to be done for Black communities to have the justice, safety and protection we deserve. Awareness and statements of solidarity are just the first steps for anyone looking to change our country; what should always come next is action to implement practices and policies that combat systemic racism at all levels of society.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Color Of Change on this initiative,” said Jodi Senese, CMO of OUTFRONT. “Statements of support are a first step, but being able to use our assets for ‘good’ and in this case, awareness of the organization and their mission is a significant next step forward. Having a powerful, visual media platform allows us to give an amplified voice to important organizations.”

For more information regarding this partnership, check out the Front Street¬†episode, airing Tuesday, May 18. Special thanks to the production/printing companies who donated their services to this campaign: ABC Imaging, Circle Graphics, Direct Edge Denver, E.H. Teasley/Inkjet Printing International, Independent’s Service, Kubin-Nicholson Corporation, Larger than Life (LTL), Midnight Oil, OAI Inc., and Vincent Printing.

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