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OutdoorLink and Roland Billboard Testimonial

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Roland Digital Media, a billboard plant in Tennessee, began using Outdoorlink 10 years ago to help manage the service side of their billboard plant. Since then, their plant has grown to nearly 500 faces in over 20 counties across Tennessee.
The Smart Controller Management System (SMS) was created to solve illumination and maintenance issues the Out of out-of-home advertising industry faced.  Prior to the SMS, customers depended on faulty, unreliable time clocks and photocells, and blindly drove by assets to confirm whether lights were working.
The SMS allows customers to view and manage an entire market from any desktop or mobile device and generates maintenance reports and usage data so manual labor is only deployed when needed.
Check Out What Dave Roland of Roland Digital Media had to say about Outdoorlink:
“Before installing the Smart Controller on all of our billboard structures (which are 100% lighted) we continually chased the manual clocks and photocells and either overpaid electric bills or overcharged our customers for services they didn’t receive. Now it’s a completely different story with over 120 Smart Controller units spread across 20+ counties in middle and east Tennessee we are not only able to keep our utility costs low and our customers happy, but able to reboot any of our 40 digitals when a problem occurs.”

“It is so much better to feel good about giving your customers what they paid for and not chasing your tail every month as the seasons roll by.”

Learn more about Outdoorlink by visiting their website here.

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