Outdoorlink, Inc. Collaborates with TDO Advertising Introducing OOH Camera System Through Patented Smartlink Management System [SMS]

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[Huntsville, AL] August, 15th, 2023 – Outdoorlink, Inc., industry leader in cellular-based monitoring and remotely managing billboard assets in real-time, is proud to announce a special project in collaboration with Michigan-Ohio based out-of-home advertising company, TDO Advertising. This project marks the introduction of the new Outdoorlink, Inc. camera product which integrates with the patented Smartlink Management System [SMS], a significant milestone for out-of-home advertising camera technology, performance, and security.

The completed (18) structure camera installation project between Outdoorlink, Inc. and TDO Advertising aims to introduce the way out-of-home advertising camera systems are afforded, maintained, and remotely managed. By utilizing the cellular Smartlink Management System [SMS], clients may now use Outdoorlink, Inc. cameras to achieve new levels of efficiency, control, and accessibility for their advertisers and operations teams.

“We are thrilled to execute this new project with TDO Advertising to bring our camera system solutions to the next level,” said DJ Jennings, CEO of Outdoorlink, Inc. “By integrating these cameras with our Smartlink Management System, we are empowering our customers with enhanced control and visibility over their billboard assets. Whether it’s a steel monopole digital bulletin in a dense urban city center, or a static wooden poster unit in a rural community, an affordable and reliable camera system is now available to the out-of-home industry via the SmartLink Management System.”

Lafe Schneider, President of TDO Advertising, echoed this sentiment, stating, “Our collaboration with Outdoorlink, Inc. exemplifies the power of innovative partnerships in driving out-of-home technology forward. Having a reliable camera solution via the SmartLink Management System positively contributes to our organization from top to bottom. We’ve gained advertiser trust, and increased transparency and efficiency for our internal operations teams.”

For more information about Outdoorlink, Inc. its innovative camera solution, and the SmartLink Management System [SMS], please visit www.outdoorlinkinc.com or email us at sales@outdoorlinkinc.com.

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