Orange Barrel Media and sister company IKE Smart City to offer free advertising to local and independent businesses, as well as non-profits

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Orange Barrel Media and sister company IKE Smart City are donating significant airtime on their out-of-home digital signage platforms to support local businesses and non-profits across the country. Together, Orange Barrel Media and IKE Smart City operate one of the largest independent networks of digital signs at iconic locations in the urban core of 18 major US cities. Beginning on Thursday, March 18th, OBM and IKE, in partnership with local City stakeholders, will work to assist their communities through the use of digital screens capable of delivering approximately 100 million impressions weekly.

“What would our cities be without the local and independent merchants and restaurants, arts organizations, and non-profits that define the culture of our communities? These organizations not only employ more than 50% of US workers, they enrich our lives and make our cities unique. We must support one another as we navigate the devastating effects of COVID-19,” said Pete Scantland, CEO of Orange Barrel Media and IKE Smart City. “Our mission is to utilize our media platform to improve lives in cities, and we are committed to leveraging our assets to help those who are suffering during this time.”

Orange Barrel Media developed the #OBMSUPPORTSLOCAL initiative when mandated closures of local businesses began sweeping the nation. The initiative is designed to help create community awareness of the ways in which merchants and non-profits are trying to remain open for business in the midst of restrictions that force them to close their doors to the public. OBM expects to be able to accommodate dozens of these organizations in each city and is immediately launching the program in Los Angeles, Washington, Atlanta, Boston, Cleveland, Denver, Charlotte, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, San Antonio, Kansas City, and Columbus.

“With our shops closed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we need people to know that our ice creams are still available via local delivery, through shipping from jenis.com, and at neighborhood grocery stores” says Jeni’s Founder Jeni Britton Bauer. “Orange Barrel and IKE Smart City are stepping up to help us share that message so that people know they can still get Jeni’s—each order helps us pay our team.”

To participate, local and independent businesses, non-profits, and community organizations located in the cities listed above should submit a request to obmsupportslocal@orangebarrelmedia.com. Requests should share a brief description of the business and the ways in which customers can continue to provide support during this time of need.

Source: Orange Barrel Media 

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